The gospel account of Matthew was written about 30 years after Jesus ascended into heaven. It was written by one of Jesus’ disciples.

The New Testament begins with Matthew which begins by linking the Old Testament with the New Testament with the genealogy of Jesus Christ. It’s the perfect place to start and shows Jesus fulfilling his destiny as the Lion of Judah. According to Warren Wiersbe, the word ‘fulfil’ is used 15 times in Matthew showing that this is a key theme. Jesus fulfilled far more of the Old Testament prophecies than could ever be dismissed as coincidence.

There is a pattern to the book of Matthew; there are five narrative sections which are then followed by five teaching sections, at the end there is the narrative of the trials, crucifixion and resurrection.

Matthew is the only gospel account to mention the Church explicitly. Although Matthew was writing predominantly for the Jews he made it clear that the Church would be made up of both Jewish and Gentile believers, rather than Jewish with a few Gentile converts.

With thanks to my spiritual uncles: Uncle Warren Wiersbe, Uncle Chuck Missler, Uncle Matthew Henry, Uncle Jacob Prasch and Uncle Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

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