The Demonic Roots of Globalism – Gary Kah

Interesting. This books considers organisations such as the Lucis Trust and the UN and their origins in order to see a pattern towards globalism. Globalism itself is the undisputed goal of much of what goes on – but this book is more a consideration of what’s behind it all. Naturally, I’m a bit circumspect about the ‘what’s behind it’ – on the one hand, I feel that if there really is something going on, I’m probably not going to find out about it, and certainly not through published books, and yet on the other hand, having had first hand experience of the occult and the New Age I can see that there must be links, and considering what’s behind the New Age itself, I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have something to do with the globalism we see developing. This is an old book, so in parts its quite dated, but for the most part it is worth reading to get another perspective on global affairs. Well-researched, but not brilliantly written.

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