The Walled Garden, Wrington

Business Type:

Cafe, restaurant


Cafe/restaurant in beautiful old brick building surrounded by a walled garden (obviously) and orchards. Dining tables outside or in a large ‘sunroom’ and other comfy seating also available. Slightly ‘potting shed’ feel, plenty of ‘foodie’ reading matter, old crockery, shelves of locally produced foodstuffs and drinks. Soundtrack trying to be edgy, but a bit out of sync with the surroundings. Signs outside tell you you are at the ‘Walled Garden’, however, inside there are signs for the ‘Ethicurean’. Are they both the same thing? I have no idea.


Lovely meals, puddings, desserts and cakes made from locally sourced ingredients

Customer service:

Friendly greeting as soon as we entered. The waiting staff knew what was in their range of products (always a good start) and were keen to supply information on what we chose. Staff werepolite and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we had everything we needed. Lots of washing up going on in the open-plan kitchen, and some very thorough drying-up was remarked on too.

What we had:

Smoky loose-leaf tea, chocolate brownie, Fentiman’s Lemonade, Sticky Toffee Apple cake

How it could be better:

  • That’s really difficult, the place is beautiful, the staff knowledge, polite and attentive (but not too much), and the food is excellent. However, possibly the music could be reconsidered.
  • Even greater range of loose leaf tea would be good, to include Assam and Darjeeling as well as other less common varieties.

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