Vegetarian Sources of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients

  • Vitamin A – whole milk, cheese, margarine, carrots, leafy vegetables, orange -coloured fruits
  • Vitamin B1Thiamin – wholegrains, nuts, fruit and vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals
  • Vitamin B2riboflavin – milk, eggs, rice, fortified breakfast cereals, legumes, mushrooms, green vegetables
  • Vitamin B3niacin – wheat and maize flour, eggs, dairy products, yeast
  • Vitamin B6 – milk and milk products, eggs, wholegrains, soya beans, peanuts
  • Vitamin B12 – eggs, milk and milk products, fortified breakfast cereals
  • Vitamin C – tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, citrus fruits, melon, kiwis
  • Calcium – Milk, cheese, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fortified soya products, bread
  • Carbohydrates – all starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals, cereal products, fruit, starchy vegetables, milk, dairy products
  • Vitamin D – eggs, fortified cereals and margarine, sunlight
  • Fatty acid (omega 3) – walnuts, seeds, linseed and rapeseed oils or spreads
  • Fatty acid (omega 6) – sunflower and olive oils and spreads
  • Folate/folic acid – green leafy vegetables, brown rice, peas, oranges, bananas, fortified breakfast cereals
  • Iron – pulses, nuts, eggs, dried fruit, wholegrains, dark green leafy vegetables
  • Magnesium – green leafy vegetables, nuts, bread, dairy products
  • Potassium – fruit (especially bananas), vegetables, milk, nuts, seeds, pulses
  • Protein – eggs, pulses, milk, dairy products, nuts, cereal products (including bread), mycoprotein, soya products
  • Selenium – Brazil nuts, bread, eggs
  • Zinc – milk, cheese, eggs, wholegrain cereals, nuts, pulses

(taken from British Nutrition Foundation with thanks)

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