Coffee Beans, Leek (Staffordshire)

Visited on 29/10/11

Business Type:

Cafe and Bakery


Small cafe, ideal for shoppers.


Everything you would expect from a bakery, but also, a large selection of teas, coffees and infusions. The baked goods were excellent. The soup was a concern, tasted like tinned tomatoes thinned down and warmed up. Opinion was split over whether the cheese scone was cheesy enough or too sweet. The tuna baguette was a good size, although plain, would have benefited from more interesting presentation. The tea was not loose leaf, the coffee was good and had a full-bodied taste.

Customer service:

Very good. Well staffed. The waitress we dealt with was concerned that we were happy with our meal, was very friendly, efficient and prompt. The cafe was full when we arrived, testament to its popularity.

What we had:

  • Herb and tomato soup
  • Cheese scones
  • Tuna baguette
  • Assorted sundries from bakery including chocolate brownie, Eccles cake, small Bakewell tart
  • Tea and coffee

How it could be better:

  • Attention needed to be paid to the soup. It’s all very well saying it’s homemade, but with the ‘homemade’ label comes a certain level of expectation. This soup was thin, watery, and tasted cheap.
  • A better range of sandwiches/baguettes/panini. All the old chestnuts are present and correct, but there’s nothing tantalising.
  • If you’re vegetarian, cheese and tomato seems to be pretty much the only option. Vegetarians are clearly an afterthought.

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