Pointers on Prayer

‘If prayer lags, life sags.’ – Selwyn Hughes

There are several little pearls of wisdom that Mr Hughes has to share about prayer:

  • Establish a time for daily prayer. This time should be the absolute minimum – any other prayer throughout the day is extra.
  • Stick to this time, particularly when you don’t feel like it. We are strengthened when we put God above selfish desires and temptations.
  • Spend time with God along in a suitable place. Repeatedly praying in the same place develops in us a habit that becomes easier with time.
  • Reading a Bible passage is the best way to kick off a time of prayer.
  • Expect the Bible to have something for  you, a message, a thought, a prompt.
  • Write stuff down – not just things to pray about, but also answers to prayer – and even dates of answered prayer.
  • Ensure prayer time is balanced; spend time on God, on your own needs, as well as those of others.
  • Pray for God’s will.
  • Listen to God; expect to hear from him. Give him time, don’t commandeer the prayer time, it should be a two-way process. Train yourself to concentrate and filter out the white noise.

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