Ten Ps – Ten Prayers – Brother Andrew

Concept Step Daily Prayer
1. Prophetic Listen to God’s prophetic Word for today. Lord, cause me to hear your prophetic Word for my life today. And lead me to the places and people who need to receive that Word – even at the risk of being thought a fool.
2. Planning Plan to do today what Scripture says. Lord, help me to accept your prophetic Word today and plan my life based on it. Allow me to take the initiative in advancing you kingdom, and keep that initiative even in enemy territory.
3. Prayer Become persistent in prayer. Lord, as I plan my life of service to you, I pray for the working out of your will in my situation and I pray against every evil force that opposes your will.
4. Preparation Prepare to live as a Christian full time. Lord, make me the proper tool in your hand. Cause me to grow in my relationship with you so that when opportunities arise to reap your harvest, I will be completely prepared.
5. Penetration Penetrate every devil-inspired boundary or barrier. Lord, help me to do something for your today that I have never done before.
6. Presence Maximise your opportunities by being present. Lord, show me how I can bring your presence to the places it is needed most, simply by being there myself.
7. Profile Establish your profile as a Christian. Lord, help me to live in such a way that your presence in my life is seen by others. Make me to be a blessing to someone today.
Permanence Become part of a permanent presence wherever you are. Lord, you have called me for a purpose. Wherever you lead me, help me to stay there and serve you faithfully.
9. Proclamation Use your platform to proclaim God’s message. Lord, thank you that even though I’m in the midst of a spiritual battle, the victory is already yours. Help me to proclaim that victory today.
10. Power Allow God’s power to flow through you into a needy world. Lord, help me to surrender to your power and your greater purpose for my life.

Taken from ‘The Calling’ by Brother Andrew, 1996.

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