Never Again – Edward Carpenter

This is a passionate plea following World War I to quit with the fighting. It illustrates how the conflict of nations is carried out to fulfilment by men who have no personal ‘beef’ with the other side, and in fact in many cases were more interested in building bridges and friendships than they were maiming and killing each other. Mr Carpenter makes an interesting point: ‘Not one man of ours in ten, probably not one in a hundred, has any direct rights or interest in his native soil; and the Motherland has too often (at any rate in the past) turned out a stepmother who disowned him later when crippled in her service.’ A point that’s partiuclarly poignant now, don’t you think?

Mr Carpenter later, rather misguidedly, calls for a united Europe (but then we have the benefit of hindsight, don’t we?)

Interesting little book, particularly in that what’s concerning Mr Carpenter is still concerning a lot of people today.

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