Carbohydrates used in the Body

Name Type Description
Cellulose Polysaccharide Undigestible by the body, but provides bulk for moving food through the intestines
Deoxyribose Monosaccharide Constituent of DNA
Fructose Monosaccharide The sweetest sugar, found in fruits and used in cellular metabolism of carbohydrates
Galactose Monosaccharide Found in brain and nerve tissue
Glucose(dextrose) Monosaccharide Main energy source for the body. Breakdown produces ATP, used by cells. Brain requires a constant supply
Glycogen Polysaccharide Main form of carbohydrate storage, stored in the liver and muscles until required, when converted to glucose
Heparin Polysaccharide Prevents excessive blood clotting
Lactose Disaccharide Milk sugar, aids the absorption of calcium
Ribose Monosaccharide Constituent of RNA
Starch Polysaccharide Main food carbohydrate
Sucrose (saccharose) Disaccharide Cane or beet sugar. Yields fructose and glucose on hydrolysis

Adapted from Human Anatomy and Physiology by R, Carola et al, with thanks.

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