Germany Jekyll & Hyde: a contemporary account of Nazi Germany – Sebastian Haffner

This is an enlightening account written during the second world war, by a German emigré. Herr Haffner writes about the different categories Germans of the time fell into – those loyal to Germany, loyal to Nazism, as well as those disloyal to either and those who sought refuge abroad. He tackles what would be the best way for the Allies to win the war, and as an insider it seems from this point in history that he had wise ideas which weren’t necessarily acted on. The book is well-written and the points clearly argued, and he encourages the reader to an understanding with the many Germans of the time who couldn’t believe what was happening to their own country, and seemingly unable to do anything about it. He explains how the country got into the situation, and what the Allies needed to do in order to ‘save Europe from Germany and Germany from herself’. Enlightening and absorbing.

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