Symptoms of Diabetes

(Guide only, type 2 diabetes can be asymptomatic for years)

Symptoms Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes
Onset Fast (days/weeks) Slow (months/years)
Thirst √ often profound
Bedwetting in children  –
Mood changes/irritability
Weight loss √++ √+/-
Visual disturbances
Thrush infections (genital)
Recurrent infections (boils/ulcers)
Tingling/pain/numbness in extremities
Occasionally abdominal pain
Confusion If advanced √ Especially in the elderly
Incontinence √ Especially in the elderly
Glucosuria May be absent especially in the elderly or if there is a high renal threshold
Ketones in urine or blood May be present (ketoacidosis) Likely to be present

Thanks to Practice Nurse 41 8

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