Your Spiritual Gifts can Help Your Church Grow – C Peter Wagner

Well it was always going to be an interesting subject, and Mr Wagner writes so engagingly, it was an easy and absorbing book to read. He deals with the subject well, my only beef is that he seems to think in terms of churches that big is best – and of course we all know that’s not true! As usual with people who adhere to the institutional church model, he encounters difficulties with the church structure and therefore has to put new structures in place to counteract them, which means that in time, you really do have people spending the time they should dedicating to using their spiritual gifts on keeping the structure going. The other problem I had with the book is that at the end there’s a questionnaire tool to help people discover where their spiritual gifts may lie. Unfortunately on every single page, and twice on the first page there is the command that ‘Reproduction of any kind is prohibited!’ (It even includes the exclamation mark) And what’s wrong with that? Well only that because of his church structure he has set himself up in full-time employment and is therefore making money out of people trying to find out their spiritual gifts. Surely he won’t lose much by making it available to anyone? I find people who compromise on their message just to be grabby a bit irritating.

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