Let go of your bacon

Ever been crab fishing? It’s quite simple, you attach a bit of bacon to a line, dangle it in the sea and wait for a crab to grab the bacon. Crabs aren’t very clever, and they keep holding on to the bacon – they don’t necessarily eat it, they just hold on. That makes them easier to catch.

Christians can be the same.

Smith Wigglesworth said a lot of interesting things. One of those things is: ‘Never look back if you want the power of God in your life. You will find out that in the measure you have allowed yourself to look back you have missed that which God had for you.’ He also said: ‘There is a difference between a movement and a monument. A movement is something that is always active. A monument is something that is fixed at a corner and neither speaks nor moves, but there is a tremendous lot of humbug and nonsense to get it there. It is silent and does nothing. A movement is where God has come into the very being of a person, where he becomes active for God. He is God’s property, God’s mouthpiece, God’s eyes, God’s hands.’

I think sometimes we can harp on about what God has already done with us that we miss the next thing he has planned.

That’s why it’s a good idea to let go of that floppy bacon and watch out for something juicy coming along that God has you in mind for.

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