The Weather Makers – Tim Flannery

This is an incredibly interesting book about climate change. I do feel more informed now about how the climate is changing, but feel Mr Flannery didn’t satisfactorarily explain the link between human behaviour and climate change.

What I liked, was that he provided numerous examples of how the climate is changing, and what effect it is having in various parts of the world. However, he does address ‘global warming sceptics’, but in such a derogatory way that I think perhaps they might have a point. Words he used to describe them included ‘gobbledygook’ and ‘cesspit’, and my favourite bit: ‘damaged dinosaur wreaking havoc staggering towards the grave’. Poetic – yes.  Scientific – no. He spends quite a lot of wordage attacking persons rather than arguments, but doesn’t give reasons, which made it seem more like a rant than impartial critical analysis. He also uses lots of vague words when talking about evidence he likes such as ‘arguably’ and ‘possibly’.

I enjoyed it though. It was interesting, and it made me think. But Mr Flannery’s ‘Because it is’ answer to the global warming sceptic’s doubts isn’t really OK.

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