Dangerous Clegg deployed on global issue

As the world breathlessly watches, Mr Nobama meets with our illustrious Comrade Putin to discuss the trouble down in Syria with the Dentist of Damascus. As they come to an agreement (would have liked to have eavesdropped on that one), it seems a solution is at hand. Mr Hague, not sure exactly what he did, talks as though he certainly had something to do with it. Mr Cameron quietly takes on the economy. Everyone’s busy. Everyone?

Ah yes, Mr ‘Secret Weapon’ Clegg. Clearly no one was quite sure what to do with him, or indeed where to put him. So he’s meeting the Cleggerati for their annual do, and it emerges that his project for this term has been addressing that ticklish global issue of excess carrier bags. Well that’s a relief. If it weren’t for the comedic aspect, it would be quite sad that the poor chap has got so near to the top in politics, and yet so so far. Chin up, Mr Clegg, maybe if you pull this one off, they might let you do something with bus passes for the aged, or perhaps municipal swimming pools. The possibilities are infinite for a chap with the audacity of hope and plenty of time.

Be careful of the one on the right

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