How to judge a book by its cover

I know we’re not supposed to, but it really is a lot quicker.

With so many good books to read, and so little time, and also so many shockingly bad books in print (and more of them every year), it’s a minefield out there. What’s a girl to do?

Because my autistic spectrum brain works so well with patterns and rules, I have formulated an absolutely fail-safe method of judging a book by its cover. See below:

Avoid books with:

  • The author’s name in larger font than the title
  • A front cover predominantly in pastel colours
  • Cursive script anywhere on the cover
  • Anything embossed
  • Anything shiny

Be exceedingly wary of books:

  • With endorsements anywhere on the cover
  • With any out of focus pictures on the cover
  • For sale in a railway station


And there we have it. Order can be brought from chaos after all. That’s going to save me hours every year of reading naff books.

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