Knitting Friday – 6/12/13

This week has seen some surprising successful meteorological reporting. Storms and gale force winds were reported, and we did indeed have a bit of a breeze on Thursday morning. Nice one Met Office, always knew you were keeping something back right there.



This one’s for you, weather people.


In other news, Uncle George of the Exchequer (actually no, let’s call him ‘cousin’. I remember the days Mr Lamont and Mr Lawson, when Chancellors looked like Chancellors – or odd uncles), has decided that the economy must be turning out alright after all. And this is after he’s inflated the property bubble even further with that help-to-buy thingy.




These ladies are so desperate for somewhere to live they have KNITTED THEIR OWN dwellings. Shame they tumble-dried them too. Still, can’t have it all!


This is the week we heard that the tax disc is going to be fazed out. Probably not before time, after all, how long is it since we’ve had the technology to dispense with rubbishy round bits of paper stuck to your windscreen? On the other hand, it is about the only bit of bureaucracy we’ve kept unchanged for the past 93 years, so perhaps a museum devoted to it wouldn’t go amiss. Then again…


I bet you were expecting a knitted tax disc right there, weren’t you? Well there are two reasons why there isn’t.

  1. No one has knitted one yet (and I’m not volunteering)
  2. I thought given the choice between seeing a knitted tax disc and a knitted bat dangling from a toothbrush, you’d probably pick the bat every time. I’m right. You know it.

Finally the BBC, always keen on twee things it refers to as ‘human interest’ has discovered that a little 5-year-old girl who accidentally broke a bauble in John Lewis has written to the shop, enclosing £2 to pay for it, and drawing them a picture to say sorry. How sweet.

THIS is the only bauble I’M interested in. Type 2 Diabetic Christmas Bauble Man, I love you. Really I do. (Had to get him in).

Have a good weekend.

P.S. If for some reason your taste for inane dabblings in the world of textiles, soft furnishings and the sharp end of journalism is increased over the festive season, don’t forget there’s a daily dose in the advent calendar at If you’re really beyond help, you can subscribe, so each post arrives in your inbox as soon as it’s published. I’m not advocating that at all.



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