How to eat mince pies and not get fat

The average shop-bought mince-pie contains around 253 calories, making it one of the main reasons why you’re going to get fat this Christmas. One mince-pie and one for the road is about quarter of the calories you’d need to consume in a day. Now you know why Santa struggles with his weight.

What’s the alternative? Well eating such mince-pies doesn’t allow you to get away with being a pig over Christmas, but there is an alternative. If you make your own mince-pies with filo pastry and nice quality mincemeat, instead of 253 calories per pie, you consume only 43 calories per mince pie. That means, not only can you get away with eating more of them, you can also say ‘Yes, thankyou, I would like a large dollop of rum cream to go with it.’

Oh yes.

All you do is:

  • get 6 sheets of filo pastry,cut into 8 strips.
  • put a dollop of mincemeat at one end, and fold over into a triangle
  • keep folding over and over until you run out of pastry
  • use up all the pastry
  • put on making trays
  • bake in preheated oven at about 160ºC for about 10 mins (but keep checking).
  • serve with cream. You can because you have a nice calorie margin right there.

I’d take a picture of the finished items, but my camera’s broken, so I ate them instead.

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