31/1/14 Knitting Friday

Monday this week was Holocaust Memorial Day. A day we celebrate the fact that even though many people have tried to wipe out the Jews (and are continuing to have a go), no one has managed it, and no one ever will. God said so.

So in solidarity with my Jewish friends, we had a deliciously Jewish theme, but I’ve cut a couple of pics because I can’t verify claims of ownership and I don’t know the original site on which the pics appeared.

But it’s OK, because here’s a lush little fellow:


And who can be uncheered by a couple of birds in vests?

I’d like to fill this little gap with an appeal – anyone who fancies knitting or crocheting squares or strips for blankets, contributions to the summer 2014 shipment to Israel would be gratefully accepted. Can’t knit? No excuse – I’ll show you. Can’t get off that lightly.

In other news, Michael Schumacher is still asleep.

Moving on.

To compensate on the brevity of the previous story, here’s another picture of a baby getting eaten by a knitted shark.


Don’t know why it should be so funny, but last week’s shark pic went down a little too well, I thought.

Over in Italy, the appeal of the appeal of the people who might have murdered Meredith Kercher but might not have done has ended. They decided that that time they realised they made a mistake, they made a mistake. Work that one out. So the courts have been wrong at least once out of three, possible twice out of three times. Don’t know about you, but that’s not reassuring. Unless you’re a lawyer.

Tried to find a knitted lawyer, and this came up:


Dragon with three heads holding a ball. Yep, cos that’s the same.

In other news, BBC has shafted Mr Clegg rather with a bit of careless sub-editing. I read this: ‘Clegg opposes child car smoking ban’ and thought Cleggster’s done it this time. How could one oppose a ban on children smoking in cars? The number of times I’ve seen drivers being suffocated by the smoke of their inconsiderate offspring whilst taking them to a pool party or ballet class is unreal. It’s about time it was banned. 

Then I read the proper story and it’s nothing of the sort.

Big Nick still hasn’t come out of it über-well, claiming that parents should take parental responsibility instead. Making vast assumptions of widespread common sense, right there Mr Clegg.

Orthorexia that’s what. It’s the latest trend. It’s about never eating a Bad Thing ever again. I don’t know about you, but my parents innoculated me against obsessive eating by depriving me of chocolate as a wee bairn, and now I can’t get enough of the stuff. So much so in fact, that I had to build a whole gym company (with a little help from my friends) to prevent my carcase becoming large enough to create spontaneous solar eclipses whenever I tied my shoelaces. Moderation. So effective, yet so uncool. Like common sense, it’ll never catch on.

And a message from our Sloth of the Week:


How profound.

Have a good weekend.

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