Knitting Friday 21/3/14

It’s not been a great week for finding big stuff. The people who lost the Boeing 777 with loads of people in it still can’t find it. Unfortunately that’s pretty sinister.

But then so is losing stuff BECAUSE you just tidied up. I try not to do that too often, partly because remembering where one put things keeps one’s mind active, and partly because if I spend a quarter of my life sleeping, 16 years being ‘educated’, 1 year queuing for stuff and probably about half of my life waiting for my inbox to finish refreshing, I want to minimise the time spent doing daft pointless things like tidying up and retrieving teatowels from wherever hubby has left them (often the garage, inexplicably).

Interestingly when I lived near Padua, I was told that not only was San Antonio the patron saint of Padua he was also the patron saint of lost things (kind of like Bagpuss, but catholic) and also car crashes. Not sure what the connection is there. He’s not doing a great job with the aeroplane, mind.

In other news, people with pension pots are going to be allowed to use them for whatever they like. Even if it’s a Lamborghini. That’s great, when I retire from the NHS at 74 years old, that’ll be the first thing I’ll buy with my £2.95 a month pension. The Lamborghini comment from Steve Webb got the media predictably excited; here was a comment falling into their laps that they could get all hoity-toity and self-righteous about. That’s great. Apparently it’s not just 8 year olds that struggle with sarcasm, the left-wing media has got a bit of a problem with it too. Poor loves.

Scratch that, I’ll have a space ship instead.

In other news, Kelly Brook’s boyfriend crashes van full of dead badgers. I have no idea why.

This is the cutest one.

Yet this is probably more accurate – lots of disembodied badger heads.

And then of course there’s this:


And of course, this is what you’re really reading this for:

What’s better than a knitted shark eating a child?

A cat dressed as a shark. Oh yes.

Have a good week.


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