The first two days of the rest of Sean’s life

Thanks to GRWE for allowing me to adopt this handsome chap:


Beautiful, isn’t he? This is what you get when you say ‘I’d like a nice shiny black greyhound, please.’ Yep, white with splotches! Still, he’s the most good-looking of our household, as most people who bump into us in the street seem to agree.

Husband seems to have been quickly won over – he bought him a Roberts radio to listen to while he’s supposed to be asleep!

Typically with greyhounds, we had to teach ‘stairs’. For a while he wasn’t sure.

Then he had a bit of a think about it…


And then a change of heart.

But we did get there eventually. Going down is always harder than going up.


The whole process took quite a while!IMAG0030One thing he is particularly good at is spying on us…

And sometimes sticks a cheeky head up.

IMAG0033 He’s had a few new experiences, and particularly enjoys watching people walking in the street.

IMAG0034 We’ve taken him to our cycling studio to get him used to new sights and sounds – particularly the ‘banging tunes’ favoured by some of our instructors!IMAG0035 He’s had a good wander round.IMAG0036 Can you see him?IMAG0037

The mirror seemed a particular attraction. We’ve left the nose-prints on it!


Is it possible to get a large greyhound comfortably into the back of a smart car? Yes it is!


And here he is, yesterday he couldn’t ‘do’ stairs, and now he’s been up to the top of Brean Down and back down again without a sniff! What a chap!IMAG0045


Huge HUGE thanks to GRWE; this is going to be lots of fun. xxxxxxx

PS: If your life isn’t complete without a greyhound (and no, it isn’t) get in touch with GRWE here: or on Facebook here:




5 thoughts on “The first two days of the rest of Sean’s life

  1. So pleased to know that Sean has made such a wonderful start to his new life with such caring people.
    Carol (National Post Homing Support Officer GRWE)

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