Did you notice Sean the Greyhound and I have been a bit quiet?

It’s true what they say about pigs, if they’re not getting up to something, they’re thinking about getting up to something.

Same with greyhounds. And Angelas.

We’ve written a book! Yes! Admittedly it isn’t a long one, but it’s a book with chapters and pages and everything. In it I have written all the things I have learned about life from Sean the Greyhound. You’d think it couldn’t be much considering he didn’t even know his name when we picked him up, but you might be surprised and impressed that he’s a pretty wise old owl.

I’ll post a bit of it so you can get a taster. However, if you fancy getting the book for yourself – most of the royalties will go to Greyhound Rescue West of England and other greyhound charities.

I really hope you enjoy it. Sean doesn’t care.

Want to read more greyt wisdom? It's available on Kindle!
Want to read more greyt wisdom?
It’s available on Kindle!

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