Floppy morals and the Clarkson Debate

I’ve just realised my morals are bendy. Hitting people is wrong. Clarkson hit someone, and in any other job it is highly likely that this would have led to instant dismissal – and yet…

I find myself rooting for Clarkson, partly because the BBC’s the BBC. But I’m clearly not as immune to ‘packaging’ as I thought. For example, the 50 Shades of Grey thing? That’s just domestic violence with pretty people. As long as the people are pretty and/or rich (preferably both) then the mainstream media – and therefore the collective conscience – is OK with it. I’m no feminist, but I was shocked that women would go to watch a film that is purely about glamorising abuse.

The problem? People don’t really think any more, and were happy to accept opinions as packaged by the media. And it’s the same with Mr Clarkson – I like him; I find it difficult not to like him with his cleverly un-clever humour – but I’ve realised I’ve developed a double standard right there. He’s funny and I like him, so I let him off the hook and am indignant that the BBC should sack him. The media reaction was entertaining with journalists not sure whether to root for their colleagues, or pour scorn on the BBC, I enjoyed that immensely.

Interestingly the BBC, socialist entity as it is, is now being held up as the very thing its journalists hate – the large corporation against which the little person must struggle. We’re now in the position that hitting people is wrong, unless of course you’re being punished for it by a large corporation, and then it’s OK.

Was it right that the BBC should sack him? Probably, but what a waste of grumpy, middle-aged, yet lovable talent. Now what will we do? For those of us who still have TVs, it’s going to be that ‘midwife programme’ or a poke in the eye.

For Mr Clarkson, it’s a question as to how much rebranding and positive PR is really necessary.

That’ll be a no to Celebrity Big Brother then?

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