Books I couldn’t be bothered to finish because life is too short

  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows.  Absolutely brilliant title, but it goes down hill from there. The characters are flat and unbelievable, because you get the sense that you’ve encountered them in other not particularly good novels. There are just too many stereotypes, there’s the rich American, the London bluestocking, the brotherly editor/love interest, various different brands of yokel, feminists, capricious and slightly annoying five-year-old, social outcasts, and of course the ubiquitous bigoted ‘Christian’ who isn’t actually a Christian and shows that the writer doesn’t know what a Christian is either. Just annoying, really.
  • Henry Fuckit’s Nursing Notes – Ian Martin. As if nursing needed a bit more bad press. Thank God Real Nurses don’t think like this. I’m afraid I didn’t get very far with this one; first I got put off because of the narrator’s complete lack of love and care for patients. You can’t nurse unless you have a highly developed underlying concern for the wellbeing of others; instead, the narrator seemed to be completely rubbishing the fact that anyone who is seriously ill is not completely pointless, in fact he seemed to be almost offended by having to look at them. Then it got to an anti-Semitic bit, so I’d just had enough.
  • Sybil – Benjamin Disraeli. Starts off well, and then descends into frequent political ranting. If I read a book, I want to read the whole thing and not have to skip pages because the author is going off on one. So I’m afraid I ditched this one.  Politicians should stick to politics, not write novels. Isn’t that right, Mr Archer? And besides, a lot of the people Mr Disraeli was ranting about are now dead, gone, and mostly forgotten.
  • To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf. Way too pretentious.
  • The Slackers Guide to US History – John Pfeiffer. Well first of all, there was an omission of an apostrophe. That wound me up. And then, well in places it is mildly entertaining – but sometimes you want something with more substance than a senior school project.

2 thoughts on “Books I couldn’t be bothered to finish because life is too short

  1. Ha. I’m totally with you on the first title. It was our first book club read and I failed to get through it! I found the beginning dull and after the group’s conversation, I decided not to pursue it.
    There are very few books I fail to finish but many years ago I struggled with ‘Last of the Mohicans’ and slightly less long ago I found ‘Trainspotting’ a tough read. I was trying to read it on a sun-drenched foreign beach though and maybe the vibe was a teeny bit off. Maybe you’d like to consider adding these to your list!

    1. I would, but I haven’t attempted either of them. Yet. I think it would be quicker to take your word for it!
      Also, I’ve formulated some failsafe rules for avoiding the really awful books. xxxx

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